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How does ADHD affect relationships?

ADHD affects relationships to a great extent; this long-term disorder that begins at the age of six or seven, can continue well on through the teenage and to adult life. Due to the symptoms of ADHD like low attention span, impulsiveness, hyperactive behavior, there can be a rocky relationship between the ADHD child, parents, siblings, family members, friends and partner.

When children grow up and go into their adolescent years, they believe that they can do anything due to the feeling of been close to adulthood On the other side, the parents believe that their kids still need direction and are not grown enough to handle things in a mature manner.
It is even harder to deal with ADHD teens and give them more liberty, because their behavior suggests that they are mentally more childish than their peers. . Further, there are always high chances of difference of opinions.

Both parents and the teenage child must respect each other and work for a common goal. Discuss jointly about any predicament, listen to each other’s concerns, and possibly arrive at a mutually agreed solution. Doing this will make it good enough for the ADHD teen to abide by it, he would know that he had a say in it and would not be rebellious Discuss about the penalty that follow right away if the rules are not heeded to. Make your teen accountable for his/her actions and let them realize that you anticipate them to perform well. Converse with each other often and show them how you can deal with a tough situation by being calm.

Siblings of an ADHD child/teen may feel that they are not being given enough attention as their sibling . Further, it becomes hard for them believe the that as they have ADHD, they have go to be dealt with a bit differently. The relationship of an ADHD child, mostly a teen is such that he or she does not respect their sibling. They complain, fret and fume. Families might find it tough to make family trips due to bad behavior.

As a parent, you have to explain the reason why the ADHD child is treated a bit differently. State fixed rules for all children and do not show any undue partiality. For example, any damage to the house property will be compensated from the pocket money of any of the child who has done the damage. If there is an argument, separate the two so that they can cool down.

Teenagers who have ADHD might feel ignored or isolated, they may stay away from their friends. One of the reasons for this is that the parents of the ADHD kid may think that these children are an unnecessary trouble maker. Also, these teens tend to argue a lot and make a lot of mischief and speak out of turn.
To deal with, the parents should ask the ADHD child or teen to invite friends at home so that there can be more friendship. Talk to the parents of the teen friends about the problems and ask them to give as much as car and support to see quicker improvement in the teen. If your ADHD child gets agitated with another child, ask him or her how it would affect if someone else treated him or her in the same manner. That would make him or her more responsive and kinder.

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