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Dyslexia and IQ

Does dyslexia have anything to do with IQ? Dyslexia is one of the most common learning disabilities among American children, affecting about 15 percent of the children.  “We found that children who are poor readers have the same brain difficulty in processing the sounds of language whether they have high or low IQ. Reading difficulty is independent of other cognitive abilities” said Massachusetts Institute of Technology neuroscientist John D. E. Gabrieli, Ph.D.

The findings of Gabriel and his colleagues will be published in an imminent issue of Psychological Science, a journal published by the Association for Psychological Science. The study to find dyslexia and IQ statistics was done on 131 children in the age group 7 and 17. According to this, a simple reading test and an IQ measure was implemented in which every child was slotted in one of three groups-typcail reader- typical readers with typical IQs; poor readers with typical IQs; and poor readers with low IQs.

All were shown pair of words and asked if they rhymed. Spellings didn’t point to sound similarities. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI, the researchers detected movement in six brain regions significant in linking print and sound.

The experts initiated the fact that not-so good readers in the two IQ groups showed considerably less brain activity in the experiential areas compared to the typical readers. But there was no difference in the brains of the poor readers, irrespective of their IQs.

“These findings suggest the specific reading problem is the same whether or not you have strong cognitive abilities across the board,” said Gabrieli. Researchers agree that the study has important considerations for both diagnosis and educational background of readers who were not sharp enough.

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