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Bella Thorne Dyslexia Story

Bella thorne’s dyslexia story is an inspirational one.  She is an American actress famous for her roles on Disney Channel in a variety of shows. This 15 year old actress is a common household name amongst children who watch the Disney Channel show Shake It Up. She has also been seen in a variety of mainstream shows such as the OC, the Entourage, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Dirty Sexy Money and others. She is multi-talented with a burgeoning career in acting as well as singing. She has even been seen doing stints on the runway.

In an interview in 2010, Thorne disclosed that she had been diagnosed with dyslexia in the early years of her schooling. She was hailed as making a very beneficial disclosure by revealing her struggle with the problem. She went a step further and agreed to include this facet of herself in the character that she plays in her TV show. Her character Cece was also portrayed to be suffering from the disorder. When asked whether this was a difficult decision to make, she replied instantly that it wasn’t in any way an issue or an embarrassment to be diagnosed with the problem. She held that getting the message across with her character implied that she could reach out to a larger audience. Dissuading children from thinking that the disorder was a dampener in their dreams was her sole aim of playing the role. Her personal success is testament to this fact and portraying it through a role only further helped achieve her aim.

She has constantly held that having dyslexia in no way has affected her rise to a star in her own right. Her dyslexia has only meant working a little bit harder to stay ahead of the race. In spite of being dyslexic, reading books still remains on top of her favourite things to do.

She is presently found constantly spurring people with the disorder to read more and try and fight the disorder. When asked how she managed to surpass the problems with the disorder, she stated that the only treatment is to read more and make more mistakes. Her regime became to read absolutely everything in her line of vision, be it cereal boxes or scripts. With time she gained the confidence to be able to read aloud and act and be as normal as the next person.

Bella Thorne was born on October 8, 1999 in Pembroke Pines, Florida.  She is the youngest of four children who have also taken acting as profession.   She lost her father in a car accident in 2007, which she talked about in a live interview on a local TV show, “View from the Bay” in December 2008.  She was diagnosed  with dyslexia in the first grade.  Bella is presently home-schooled after attending a public school, where she was subjected to peer pressure.  Then she began to study in Sylvan Learning Center and is now a grade ahead in reading and writing.   Bella Thorne talked about dyslexia in April 2010 in an interview with ‘American Cheerleader Magazine’ and spoke at length about how she overcame the disorder by continually reading everything she could find, including labels on cereal boxes.  She is now known to read a lot of hardcover books, and listens to 80s music and watches Youtube as a research tool to get into characters that she plays.

The actress says that the shift from public school to home school was definitely a major source for her present comfort with the written word. It is without doubt that the treatment for dyslexia is personalised attention during the formative years of the disorder to try and nip the problem in the bud.Bella Thorne’s story is testament to the fact that a person suffering from dyslexia is not barred from reaching for the stars. The climb to the top may be cumbersome from never impossible.

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