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Agatha Christie and Dyslexia

Agatha Christie is the best selling novelist of all time, according to the information provided by Guiness Book of World Records. Along with William Shakespeare, Agatha Christie is the best selling author of any type. She is also the world’s most translated author with her work translated in more than 103 languages. Hold on to your breath, did you know that the world’s best writer had problems with spellings? Yep, Agatha Christie was dyslexic.

Born in Torquay, Devon England, on September 15, 1980, Agatha Christie went on to become the master of suspense and thrill. She created two famous characters-Hercule Poirot and Miss.Marple. Agatha was dyslexic but that did not interrupt her thought process, her vision and her execution. Even though he struggled with words and their spellings, the plots were firmly entrenched in her mind and she had no difficulty in putting them on paper. Agatha wrote about dyslexia and low self-esteem ‘, I myself, was always recognized . . . as the “slow one” in the family. It was quite true, and I knew it and accepted it. Writing and spelling were always terribly difficult for me. My letters were without originality. I was . . . an extraordinarily bad speller and have remained so until this day. Read about famous people with dyslexia.

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